The intense island is an ideal destination for your holidays, we will see together how to prepare your trip to Reunion .

destination for your holidays,

Each year, more than half a million people choose to go there, and the figure is growing rapidly in 2022. Nothing could be more normal when we look at the attractiveness of the intense island.

1: Some general information on Reunion , a small piece of France nearly

Réunion is a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean next to Madagascar and its sister island, Mauritius.

It is especially famous for the beauty of its landscapes thanks to its volcanic interior covered with tropical forest as well as its coral reefs and its paradisiacal beaches.

The summit of the Indian Ocean , whose peak is located at 3070 meters can also be climbed in order to admire one of the most beautiful sunrises offered by this corner of the globe.

Reunion Island is also well known for the kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants, whose melting pot offers a mix of culture, religion, art, or cuisine from European, Malagasy, African, Asian or Indian. This interbreeding is also found in the different flags of Reunion Island with the best known, the Mavéli, the branches of the sun representing the different peoples occupying the territory.

2: When to go to Reunion? The weather on the island and all the information you need to know to prepare your trip.

For those who wish to combine tourism on the coast and hiking , the best time to leave is certainly during the austral winter between May and October.

These are the mildest months (maximum 25 degrees on the coast, and 15 to 18 at altitude) and above all the least rainy, which allows you to climb in altitude without being too afraid of the rain and without being too hot.

Indeed, with temperatures fluctuating between 8 and 18 degrees in the interior of the island during the day and 17 and 25 degrees on the coasts, you can fully enjoy the landscape while combining pleasant swimming and walks in the heights.

Be careful, once night falls the temperatures drop enormously and can even approach zero at altitude during the coolest moments of winter, it is therefore advisable to cover up and provide the necessary equipment if you want to leave, for example . bivouac or hiking.

The austral summer can be, depending on where you are on the island (especially inland or in the east), quite capricious in terms of rain or even cyclones between December and March (fortunately infrequent but you still have to remain vigilant and find out about the conditions before starting a hike).

3: Traveling to Reunion Island, for whom?

Well as said before, there is something for everyone here , whether you are traveling with family , friends , as a couple and even solo , this destination is for absolutely everyone and even if you plan to come alone, it is extremely easy to meet and share moments with other travelers or locals.

4: How to get to Reunion ? Organize your visit to the intense island.

Although it is theoretically possible to come to Reunion by boat, there is no company that organizes the transfer for the general public, so you will have to organize yourself, but the trip would be terribly long and dangerous.

In high season (May to October) , it is still possible to find tickets not too expensive but these can go up to 1500 euros during school holiday periods in mainland France so book your flights in advance to get the best rates.

You will arrive at Roland Garros international airport in Saint Denis from where you can return to the accommodation you have chosen by public transport, taxi or rental car.

5: How long can we go to Reunion?

The simplest answer would be to tell you, as long as possible!

It is of course possible to limit yourself to a few places (the west coast for example) and thus combine pleasure and idleness for your holidays, nothing will prevent you from coming back another time to discover the other regions.

If you want to combine hikes over several days, visit museums or cities, practice sports and swimming, the best would be to go at least 3 weeks but as said before, do not hesitate to focus only on a few places and consider the others for another faith!

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6: What budget should I plan for an intense stay on the island? Some tips for small budgets , or bigger ones.

Again, the budget may vary according to the desires you have for your trip to Reunion Island.

You should know that in Reunion, the cost of living is a little more expensive than in mainland France (mainly the fault of import costs) but with a few tips to put in place, you can easily reduce your expenses. .

The lodges in the mountains are also generally very cheap with nights around 20/25 euros per person and half board (night, dinner, breakfast) between 40 and 50 euros.

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7: What to bring for your getaway on Reunion Island ? Prepare your suitcase well for a perfect stay.

There are all kinds of landscapes and climates here, so if you want to make the most of it, you will need to bring beach clothes, but also warm clothes as the evenings can be chilly in the highlands during the austral winter period.

8: And housing in all this? Prepare well for your stay by opting for accommodation adapted to your budget.

Reunion Island is a very popular destination for travellers , the accommodation offer is very substantial and it is advisable to leave serenely by reserving your accommodation in advance.

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