Holidays: 12 tips for booking at the best price


Maybe the Christmas tree is still in the living room and the holiday season isn’t quite over. But the time has come to plan his next summer vacation. At least, if you want to save in a context of high inflation, both for plane tickets and for hotels.

To save, there is nothing as effective as planning well, insists Andrew D’Amours, co-founder of the Flytrippers site, which specializes in aggregating low-cost airline tickets. “We receive 1,000 emails a week. So many people tell us they’re leaving in three weeks, they haven’t watched anything yet, and they wonder why it’s expensive. »

Even if we can always come across an exception, “there is no logic” in waiting at the last minute for all-inclusives in the South and flights to Europe, warns the president of the Association of agents de voyages, Moscow Côté.

The myth of the last minute bargain is precisely… a myth most of the time.

Another argument against procrastination: historically, the best deals for Europe have always been in January, observe travel agents.

There are plenty of other money-saving tips as prices jumped from 2019, the last “normal” year we had. To give you an idea of ​​inflation, the package to Mexico or Punta Cana that was sold for $2200 now costs $3500. Wages haven’t exactly followed the same curve… And as everything goes up, the money-saving tips are welcome.

Moreover, nearly half (47%) of Quebecers surveyed by Expedia say they pay more attention than ever to value for money, while a recession seems to be on the horizon. The site notes that three-star hotels are growing in popularity.

It is in this context that Flytrippers organized a webinar to share its 130 tips for “traveling more for less”.

His best: start by finding cheap plane tickets – which requires being flexible about the date and destination and searching often – and building your trip “around the tickets”. You can also consider a departure from Plattsburgh or Burlington, favor more affordable destinations than Europe and North America, such as Asia, or buy two one-way tickets, which is sometimes more advantageous than the round trip . Replacing the traditional hotel with another type of accommodation (home exchange, apartment rental, Airbnb) can even make the adventure more enjoyable.

Once there, imitate the residents for travel and restaurant choices.

Buy a SIM card locally instead of activating data abroad on your phone. When paying for a purchase, refuse the conversion into Canadian dollars offered by the terminal, because “it’s the worst possible exchange rate”.=

Another tip: make the most of welcome bonuses, advantages and points offered by credit cards (VIP lounge at the airport offering meals, reimbursement of baggage fees, free nights).

Andrew D’Amours advises those who would like to travel more often to change their mentality. ” ‘ That’s why they only travel once. »

Expedia has also compiled a list of tips for travelers concerned about inflation.

  • Book your flight tickets on Sunday to save an average of 15%
  • Book domestic flights at least 2 months in advance to save 40% (compared to booking a month or less before departure).
  • Book domestic flights at least 3 months in advance to save 10% (compared to booking 2 months or less before departure).
  • Travel on Friday to save up to 20% on domestic flights
  • Opt for a departure before 3 p.m., which reduces the risk of cancellations that can cause worries and costs

Moscow Côté indicates that to save money when traveling in Europe, departures on Fridays and returns on Sundays are more expensive.

For trips to Canada, the “ideal window” to buy plane tickets opens about two months before departure, according to Expedia. The company specifies that travelers can save up to 40% in this way.

The price and availability of rental cars, two subjects that made the headlines last summer, will unfortunately remain topical, indicates Moscow Côté. “At the last minute, it will be more expensive or there won’t be any,” he summarizes. Rental companies have not yet succeeded in replenishing their fleets, as manufacturers are still unable to meet demand.

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