The Azimut S10 is a mix of style, innovation, and performance.

The Azimut S10

When it was shown off at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival, the Azimut Grande S10 was meant to set a higher standard as the main model of the well-known Italian yachting brand Azimut Yachts. One of the well-known Azimut S Line models, this one combines speed, innovation, and style in a way that works well. Modern yachting has reached its peak with the S10. Its exterior is a work of skillful sculpture by Alberto Mancini, and its interior is a work of refined elegance by Francesco Guida. When you put these two things together, you get a sleek and stylish package that is perfect for modern sailing.

The sleek aerodynamics of sports cars and the wide views from Malibu’s seaside homes have had a big impact on Mancini’s creative approach to yacht space design, which has led to a revolutionary vision. Instead of following the usual layout, the S10 has a large flybridge (20 square metres) and a flexible main deck setup, which together create a unique story inside. This one-of-a-kind method led to the creation of the yacht’s unique feature: the infinity terrace on the back of the main deck. The structure’s architecture makes sailing very interesting, and the presence of a visible staircase made of carbon and steel materials makes it even better. The building’s architecture does a good job of combining the outside areas, making the covered outdoor seating area and the main bar and lounge flow together smoothly. The furniture on the deck is very flexible because it’s easy to rearrange so that it can be used for different things. Because it is so flexible, it can easily go from being an outdoor dining area to a dance floor, based on the needs of the event.

The Azimut S10 is often seen in the water because its swimming stern can be changed. When this feature is turned on, the outside space grows by a large 10 square metres. The most important thing about her idea is that it is flexible. The sophisticated curved glass doors in the saloon and dining areas can be changed to facilitate social interaction or ensure privacy, based on the owner’s preferences. The bow of the ship has a lounge area with comfortable sunpads and sofas that is meant to fit people who really enjoy lying in the sun. The fact that the cockpit is split into the flybridge and the main deck is also a nod to this driving principle. This boat was one of the first to have an integrated glass bridge built into the design. Its design is a perfect blend of easy usefulness and stunning good looks.

The lower deck is where the accommodations are.

They were designed to reflect the luxurious yet cosy feel of the ship’s building. The main focus is on the beautiful master cabin with an attached bathroom. It comes with high-end features like a chaise couch, a bar and a desk or dressing area. Along with the above amenities, there are two VIP rooms with queen beds and an additional multipurpose cabin that can be used as an ensuite. This makes sure that every guest can enjoy the highest level of luxury while sailing the wide seas. The fact that the S10 has a well-equipped kitchen, two crew cabins, and a discreet dumb waiter shows that it is dedicated to balancing luxury and functionality. The S10 is a sign of strength and good performance, in addition to its great looks and wide range of features. With two 2,600 MTU 16V engines, the ship has great control over water, reaching a top speed of 35 knots and maintaining an excellent running speed of 30 knots all the time. 

For picky owners, the Azimut S10 is a great choice because it has great traits in sports yachts, flybridges, and luxury. For more information about the S10, please get in touch with FGI Yacht Group as soon as you can.

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