Tempted by a Safari in Africa? Book your unusual vacation!


Incredible landscapes, breathtaking flora and fauna, tropical beaches, bustling cities, fascinating cultures and communities… the African continent has it all!

On top of that, while most parts of the world have already been visited by millions of people, many parts of Africa are still uncharted territory. Think dusty roads, areas with no internet, mud houses, traditional tribes and, of course, miles and miles of mostly untouched nature. All these aspects make Africa a place that is both rich in history and fertile in adventure. Although, at the same time, national parks and lodges are fully equipped with delicious food, comfortable beds and WiFi.

A safari in Africa is a trip to do at least once in a lifetime! Kenya in particular, with over fifty national parks, game reserves and protected areas, is a paradise for nature lovers. In Kenya, you can experience an incredible African safari and relax on the most beautiful beaches in the world, at Diani Beach , near Mombasa, all in one vacation. Tanzania has a lot to offer with the famous Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar . And if your dream is to discover the mountains and gorillas of Uganda, check this page regularly, because we will soon be offering it!

Best quality African safaris

It’s not for nothing that we call ourselves Safari En Afrique : we offer the widest range of safaris in East Africa! We are delighted to know that many people have traveled with Safari En Afrique and that each of them had an unforgettable experience.

Book your holidays in Africa with Safari En Afrique, and enjoy all the advantages. This allows us to organize and oversee your trip from start to finish. Our team is made up of locals and expatriates who love the country. They know everything there is to know about national parks, animals and culture. In short, we guarantee you the best quality at the best price for your holidays in Africa. See you soon in Africa! Karibu!

Best-selling routes

For inspiration, check out our most popular routes below. Most travelers prefer to end their memorable safari with a few days on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, on the Kenyan coast. And you ?

Take a look at the full list of Africa tours available on our Africa Safari page . Of course, we can also offer you a tailor-made itinerary, meeting your specific personal desires.

With us, you can explore Africa at your own pace, and your way!

 Photo safaris are offered in all major African countries. There are several ways to do it. Some lodges are specialized in this exercise with the loan of equipment, specially designed vehicles and even photo processing rooms. It is also possible to organize stays with professional photographers who will advise you during your safaris. Some establishments also offer photo safari courses, which are an opportunity for wildlife photography enthusiasts to meet around their passion for a few days a year.

With Tanzania Safari Packages, the call of the African wilderness becomes an inciting prospect. It offers a great way to explore the land at your own pace and in your unique way. These packages allow safari-goers to tailor their adventures – ensuring that every moment lines up with individual envisions. From thrilling wildlife safaris to serene cultural immersions, the rhythm of your journey is yours to arrange.

Note that these safaris are not reserved for experienced photographers, so this may be the opportunity for you to learn about wildlife photography!

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