Choose your trip with confidence

trip with confidence

The promises of reduction, more particularly on the Internet, are plethora but are often the responsibility of the carpet merchant, or even false advertising, rather than a real discount compared to other agencies. To be certain that the announced reduction is real (up to minus 70%), do not hesitate to consult several comparators and check the price of the trip on different websites.

Guarantee a quality trip

Beyond the price, also pay attention to the services provided: good deals exist on the Internet, but you must always be wary of prices that are too low. The easiest way is to consult consumer reviews, while remaining cautious: the more reviews there are, the more likely they are to come from authentic tourists. In addition, do not hesitate to search the Internet for information and photos of the route, the hotels…


The hotel

Hotels are classified in France from one to five stars, according to criteria set by the decree of December 23, 2009. Numbering 246, these criteria allow the allocation of points according to the facilities of the establishment, its accessibility , but also the services offered to the customer, or its sustainable development policy.

Please note: the ranking does not meet the same criteria in all countries. Thus, in some countries, a four star will be far from the comfortable criteria of a French four star. As with a trip, do not hesitate to check the proposed price, availability on comparators (you can negotiate directly with the hotel) and the services provided (reviews, photos, etc.).

Be careful with comparators and online booking sites

First of all, a hotel that is no longer available on a reservation site does not mean that it is full, as these sites have a quota of rooms for sale. Then, many sites include very useful customer reviews, some of which are the result of the hoteliers themselves. The more reviews there are published over a long period of time, the more you can trust the stories of experiences posted online.


Just like hotels, campsites are classified into five categories expressed by an increasing number of stars according to the level of comfort, equipment and facilities. This ranking is based on a grid comprising 204 criteria. For example, the staff of the reception team must practice two foreign languages, including English, for a three star; three for a five star. Similarly, you will only find a baby bathroom with bath and changing table in a five-star hotel…

Classification is not mandatory and the operator is free not to use this procedure.

  • As with a trip, do not hesitate to check the services provided.
  • Find your rental
  • The media regularly reports on various vacation rental scams.
  • However, there are several ways to limit the risk:
  • do not believe in overly attractive advertisements;

verify the existence of the address, and that it is indeed a building or a villa using systems such as Google Maps, the Yellow Pages, etc.;

do not hesitate to contact the local tourist office, both French and foreign (for example, the Spanish tourist office lists a good number of rentals);

send any advance requested by check (never more than 30%) to the rental address;

call an acquaintance who will seek to rent the same property on the same dates. If it is indicated to this acquaintance that the property is available when you have just reserved it, you are the victim of an attempted fraud.

Tips when booking

Whether the rental is carried out directly between individuals or through a professional, whether it is classified furnished accommodation (Stars, Epis or Keys, etc.) or not, the owner must submit, before the conclusion of the contract , a descriptive inventory of the premises. If he does not do it spontaneously, demand it.

A good description must include several elements:

information on the rented property, namely: the name and address of the owner or the rental agency, the type of accommodation (villa or apartment), whether it is an independent or partially occupied apartment. It is also necessary to indicate the surface, the number of rooms and the accessories of the accommodation (garden, garage, swimming pool, barbecue, etc.), specifying whether the tenant has private or shared enjoyment of it;

the location of the dwelling in the locality, the distance to the beach if applicable, the proximity of services (SNCF station, coaches, etc.), the town center and shops, the exposure from the living room and the bedrooms , the presence of a terrace or balcony and any inconveniences (noise, smells, etc.);

the equipment (heating, toilets, household appliances, television, etc.) and the state of maintenance piece by piece. For each of them must be specified the number of beds, the type of bedding, the furniture…

the terms and price of the rental: it is normal for the owner (or the agency) to ask you in advance for the payment of a sum of money to guarantee your reservation. Again, freedom is key. It is customary to ask for 20 to 30% of the rental price, then the balance on entering the premises or 30 days before. In the event of rental by an agency, the amount of the rent paid in advance cannot exceed 25% of the rental, nor be collected more than 6 months in advance, but the payment of the balance may be required 1 month before the handover. keys.

The contract, which can take the form of a simple exchange of e-mails, indicates in particular the duration of the rental, with the dates and times of arrival and departure, the price and terms of payment, the amount of the advance if there is one, the charges, the security deposit with the mode and time of return, the cancellation conditions and any tourist tax.

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